Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

Basic Sewing

You will learn: very basic sewing techniques such as basic piecing, corners, and buttonholes, as well as some basic information like which way the grain runs, how to cut properly and how to thread your machine.
What to bring:
· Sewing machine
· Accessories: pins, fabric scissors, sewing gauge, fabric marking pencil, seam ripper
· Machine feet: button hole foot, button foot, zig zag (regular) foot,
·  Thread
· Sewing machine needles - size 80 universal needles
·  1/2 meter of cotton fabric or scraps of fabric (pieces no smaller than 6”x6”)
· Button
Class time: 6pm –7:30pm
Cost: $40

Basic Serging
You will learn: basic serging techniques such as how to thread your machine, thread quality, tension settings, securing beginning and ending of seams, inside and outside corners, 3 thread rolled hems*, 3 thread flatlock, stitching elastic to fabric.
What to bring:
· Machine
· Accessories
· Thread (recommended 4 different colours of brights or pastels)
· scraps of fabric (cotton, knit, jogging fleece, 8” length of elastic)
Class time: 6:30pm –8:00pm
Cost: $40
Zipper Class
The zipper class will teach you how to sew in a centered zipper, a lapped zipper and an invisible zipper.
What to bring:
18cm closed end zipper QTY 2
20cm closed end invisible zipper QTY 1
Sewing machine
Zipper foot
IInvisible zipper foot
Standard straight stitch foot
24cm x 10 cm cotton strips QTY 6
Seam ripper
Class time 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Cost: $40



Join the GO! Club
If you have a Go cutter or are interested in finding out more about the AccuQuilt Go cutters, we welcome you to attend one or all of our Go Club classes.

When: October 13, 11a.m - 12p.m
What: discovering the possibilities with the Holiday Accessories die and the Circles 2,3,5 die.
Price: FREE
What to Bring: Nothing at all. The club is open to everyone.